Scale-Tec REAP Harvest Inventory

REAP serves as an automated hub for farmers collecting harvest weight records. Use the platform to track grain cart weight, truck loads, field totals and manage storage inventories from the iOS app and web dashboard in near real-time.

Electrical Engineering Embedded Software/Firmware Software Development UX & UI Design
Showcase of REAP Harvest Inventory platform on a phone, tablet and laptop

With tight commodity markets, every penny counts. Farmers nationwide are looking for small improvements that can have big impacts.

Scale-Tec designs, sells and services all types of weighing technology from planter/seeder scale systems, grain cart, seed tender, feed mixer, and livestock scales for use in the agriculture industry.  Scale-Tec serves farmers across the USA and all of North America and is a pioneer of Internet of Things applications for weighing systems.



Project Type

Internet of Things
REAP app home screen displayed on a tablet

Design Challenge

Planting the Seed

Agriculture has become complex. The days of simply tending one’s field and reaping the harvest has been replaced by the need for detailed field and yield tracking. Data for USDA reporting, crop insurance, year-to-year analysis and harvest optimization are necessities of the modern farm. Scale-Tec partnered with i3 to holistically capture these needs into a single experience.


Cultivating a Solution

By developing a custom Bluetooth device to tap into existing grain cart scales, i3 was able to create a means of communicating field data to mobile devices. iOS apps were developed for both iPhones and iPads to allow multiple users to observe and edit field data in real-time during the harvest. Extensive field testing ensured the overall user experience would fit seamlessly into a farmer’s normal workflow.

Person holding tablet showing REAP Harvest Inventory App in front of a POINT scale
Person holding mobile phone with REAP app tracking the weight coming out of a grain cart

Reaping the rewards

A secure API was developed as part of the final REAP platform to transfer data from the mobile devices to a back-end web portal. The API also allows for 3rd party integration, providing farmers with simplified means of sharing yield data.

The web portal provides additional tools for managing individual load-tickets and generating detailed reports. REAP has generated a lot of excitement within the AG industry as farmer’s look to improve their efficiency and profits by leveraging REAP’s innovative tracking features.

Additionally, extra effort was put into the onboarding process by the UX team to ensure a smooth setup. User journey research was conducted and mapped out to visualize any pain points in the process. The UX team then used the findings to design an optimal onboarding experience to guide users of any knowledge level to set up their REAP account.

REAP dongle opened to show PCB inside

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