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About Us

We are inspired to create products that holistically combine emotion, user-centered design, engineered precision, quality craftsmanship, smart technology and design for manufacturability. We take pride in the details and the creative solutions to deliver products that are genuinely simple for users to enjoy.

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Our Space

Take a virtual tour of our each of our office locations

i3 headquarters front entrance and company sign
Play Video about i3 headquarters front entrance and company sign

Headquarters Office

1869 Haynes Drive, Sun Prairie, WI

i3 IoT Lab from outside including signage for i3 Product Development and Cygnus
Play Video about i3 IoT Lab from outside including signage for i3 Product Development and Cygnus

IoT Lab

2700 N. Pleasant View Road, Middleton, WI

Why Clients Choose i3

We stick to our founding principles

Our three I’s guide every decision we make, big & small:  Innovation, Inspiration, and Integrity.

We take ownership

Our team is full of big thinkers who lean into their work. We make sure they’re equipped with the best colleagues and resources so they can make your project their personal mission to solve.

We adapt quickly

Every client is unique – from the project they bring to the way they work and communicate. Our team quickly adjusts so we can meet you where you are and turn your idea into a reality.
We earn trust
Trust is born of consistency and honest communication. Work with us and you’ll find a company that does what’s right, not what’s easy. You will find a company that honors its commitments.
We are a true partner
Your feedback is the backbone of our improvement process and shapes our ability to serve you better. We take your business personally: the best products and professionals come from caring about each other’s success.
We are transparent
With i3, nothing is a hot button issue. We thrive on productive conversations. We can admit limitations and hold ourselves accountable – it’s how long-standing partnerships are formed and incredible products are made!
three mechanical engineers review a layout on the computer screen

How We Work

No two product development journeys are the same, so mutual success hinges on next-level communication & strategy. From individual inventors to global brands, our team is focused on delivering something great. We’re with you every step of the way – from brainstorming to launch and beyond.

Our People

Our team is full of big thinkers who lean into their work. We make sure they’re equipped with the best coworkers and resources so they can focus on making your project their personal mission to solve.

We also know that life exists beyond our work. Every one of our staff has unique passions and personalities. Come meet us and we will show you how we thrive here.

Group of i3 staff during "wear brand colors day"

Our History

Open for Business

i3 got its start as InForm Product Development in 1995 with two friends and founders, Ed Raleigh and Mark Gilbertson.

By January of the following year, the company had hired an additional industrial designer and two mechanical designers for a total of 5 employees.

December 19th, 1995

Early Work

The very first project was the design of a dynamometer enclosure for Dyne Systems of Milwaukee, WI. This was soon followed by work from others including:

  • Allen Bradley 
  • P&H Mining Equipment
  • Brady Corporation
  • Eaton

These companies became mainstay clients of InForm for several years. Brady Corporation continues to work with the company to this day.

The Start of Something Big

Revenue for the first year was $526k with about 35 projects completed or in-process. 

In order to become a leading product design firm, InForm focused on integrating development with prototyping and emphasising manufacturing knowledge. This quickly became a strategic advantage over the larger, more established organizations in the area.

End of 1996

Great Things in Small Spaces

The team operated out of 1,500 sq. ft. of rented space on the east side of Madison. With only 200 sq. ft. of  prototype shop space, it was a tight fit.

One of earlier projects, a blasthole drill cab model for P&H Mining, had to be built in two sections so that it could be removed from the shop and taken to mine sites around the country for operator evaluations.

Always Growing

In 2000, the company moved to a new home in the Sun Prairie Business Park. This facility was nearly 10x larger than the original location and featured 1,800 sq. ft. of prototype shop space.

InForm location at 700 Wilburn Rd, Sun Prairie, WI

The building was full by 2006 but economic conditions delayed an expansion for nearly 10 years.

2000 - 2014

Finding Our Forever Home

By 2014, it was obvious that a larger space was needed, and work was started on a new headquarters building at the current 1869 Haynes Drive location in Sun Prairie.

The new space was not only large enough to meet the demands of the day, but the lot allows for an additional 20,000 sq. ft. expansion when the time comes.


Adding IoT Services

Software & Electronics development services were added in 2015 to address a growing number of customers with needs in Internet of Things and connected products.

A second space was leased in Middleton to become the hub for InForm's software capabilities and connected product development services.

A New Look & New Name

As the business grew, partners Wayne Hansen, Curt Scadden, and James Grogan bought into the business. The company was renamed i3 Product Development based on the partners' core values of innovation, inspiration, and integrity.


Mectronx Partnership

i3 partnered with Mectronx in 2018 to build a business specializing in rapid prototyping and manufacturing circuit board assemblies.

Mectronx logo

By 2021, Mectronx had outgrown their space in the i3 HQ and required a dedicated facility. I3 continues to work with Mectronx at their new home in Oconomowoc, WI, allowing i3 clients to continue to benefit from the rapid turnaround times that Mectronx offers.

i3 continues to work with Mectronx and our clients benefit from the rapid turnaround time for assemblies they offer. 


Cygnus Reach - Remote Support for IoT

As the IoT boom accelerated, i3, in collaboration with Scale-Tec, identified that a better remote support solution would be required for these complex devices. i3 built and patented Cygnus Reach, a software platform that addresses the shortcomings of traditional remote support for IoT products in the field.

i3 patented and productized the platform and has spun off into its own business called Cygnus with the remote support solution, Reach, at its first product.

Cygnus' mission is to ensure the success of new IoT products by providing manufacturers a best-in-class suite of tools for proper post-launch support.


Building an IoT Facility

As software services grew in demand, the development team did as well. At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the team realized that on-site collaboration was key to i3's performance. They needed more room to collaborate, test hardware, and work effectively.

A 12,000 square foot custom space was built at 2700 Pleasant View Road in Middleton as the permanent home of the IoT Lab and Cygnus. This facility was completed and opened in 2021. 

2020 - 2021

The Future is Bright

i3 Product Development and Cygnus merged with Helios Technologies in the spring of 2023. This merger was a milestone for all three companies and allowed us to start delivering even more innovative solutions for our collective client base.

Helios gained access to our world-class engineering talent and the patented Cygnus remote support software. i3 has benefitted from Helios' global reach and resources.

combination of Helios, i3, and Cygnus logos grouped with plus icons.


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