Electrical Engineering

Turning Your Ideas into Fully Functional Electronics

Electronics are the heartbeat of modern product solutions. At i3, you will find a team of engineers who knows what it takes to design the hardware to accomplish the “smarts” of today’s smart devices. We turn concepts and requirements into fully functional electronic systems for the Internet of Things (IoT) and beyond.

Over the years, our electronics engineers have become experts at fitting components into tight spaces and squeezing every microamp from a system when needed. We develop solutions for your application using:

  • sensors
  • wireless networking
  • motor controls
  • graphic displays / touch screens
  • power management
  • precision analog design
Engineer soldering at a workstation in the Technology Lab
close up view of a PCB board with embedded display

Building a Solid Foundation Through Technology Strategy

Our technology strategists will help you identify the best operating system, components, and hardware for your device. We strive to understand how your users will interact with your product in order to provide the best recommendation for your needs. We look at everything from microcontrollers to GUI frameworks to which IoT communication protocols may be necessary to collect, store, and analyze device data. Even if you are not sure what your product’s life-cycle plan is yet, we can discuss techniques to allow for cost-saving down the road when your product is ready to grow.

With supply chain disruptions wreaking havoc, we move to order critical parts early and help you to adapt existing designs to support alternate parts when necessary. Because balancing your ideal design solution with the electrical costs can be intimidating, we provide a high-level BOM to help you make critical product decisions and course correct if needed.

Electronics Designed to Connect In Today's World

In modern electronics, having a remote connection to your product is vital and opens the door to greater possibilities for business. From remote monitoring and data collection, maintaining product configurations, running system diagnostics, deploying remote software updates and more. Today’s electronics go beyond basic serial interface technologies and our team is well versed in implementing the hardware and communication protocols that makes the most sense for your product. 

We leverage the requirements identified by our own mechanical, industrial, and software engineers to deliver electronic designs that respect mechanical constraints. We work through the process of determining a connected system architecture alongside your team and will educate you on how you can best leverage your connected electronics in your business. You can be confident that you will be ready for launch and whatever the future may bring.
Graphic showing logos for various communication technologies
Hands holding a PCB board designed by i3 Product Development
Showcase of many different electronics boards that have been manufactured by Mectronx

A Dedicated Electrical Engineering Team & Partnership Advantage

The faster a prototype can be developed, the sooner key decisions can be made. With our streamlined approach, you can expect activities such as circuit design, parts selection, and writing firmware to happen in parallel. Our Technology Lab is always fully stocked with supplies needed to evaluate board designs and make quick modifications. Plus, dedicated electrical technicians work to assemble, test and support the electrical engineering team’s efforts.

When it comes time to produce your electronics assemblies, i3’s partnership with Mectronx, a local PCB assembly house, helps you create a working model of a system quicker than other firms who may need to outsource the work in order to prove out your ideas.

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H.P. Shelby Destroyer

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Scale-Tec POINT Scale Indicator

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Electronic Pipette Controller