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Services for Every Stage of the Software Development Life Cycle

Implementing meaningful IoT and connected products for your users is what we do. At i3 we bring forth a robust set of development knowledge in mobile apps, web, server-side, and cloud solutions and integrate our team into all activities surrounding the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

During planning and strategy, our developers help make sure the perfect technology stack and development tools are chosen for your needs. Then, as your application moves through design, we work collaboratively with the user experience team to create modern and intuitive interfaces. i3 regularly includes developers in internal and external feedback loops during development and testing to ensure the product is built correctly and meets the needs of your customers.

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7+ years of Hands-On IoT Software Development Experience

Connected product development demand is continuing to grow. Since i3 began offering development services, we have been focused on facilitating the skills and tools needed to make the right solution for your product.  Our in-house development teams work to improve their knowledge and expertise through cross-training and broad project exposure.
At i3 Product Development, we are always striving to increase the depth and transparency of our process with you. You can expect a dedicated project manager to keep timelines in check and continually share our progress so you know exactly what is going on in your software build at all times.

Agile With The Flexibility To Meet You Where You Are At

Our projects leverage the flexibility of an Agile software development process. We develop and deliver features incrementally for the complex IoT products we develop. This method allows you to be a part of the development lifecycle with frequent opportunities to see the product and provide feedback. You benefit from a faster return on investment and reduced issues during deployment.

Throughout the development process, our developers work closely with our quality assurance (QA) staff to test code before it goes to production. Our experienced QA team thoroughly tests code through regression, exploratory, and user testing to ensure a quality product is delivered to your users.

Once your system is deployed, i3 is here to help ensure your product remains supported, maintained, and enhanced as you transition to internal resources. Plus, with our Cygnus Reach℠ remote support solution, your customer support teams can leverage a better product support experience.

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