UX & UI Design

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A Successful Product Always Starts With a Good User Experience

For connected products and Internet of Things (IoT), user experience goes beyond just the interactions with a website or app. It bridges the gap between your physical and digital product offering and i3 specializes in designing world-class experiences for the complex interactions that IoT products demand.

Easy-to-use, human-centered products have a much greater chance of success. Our UX team knows how to craft features, functionality, and aesthetics that users love, even in highly targeted applications. Most importantly, we care about delivering solutions that address pain points and the needs of your end-users no matter where in the life cycle your product may be.

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Team looks at wireframe concepts together

Your Industry Expertise With Our UX Design Knowledge Combine to Create an Amazing Experience

As our team works through activities such as user-story mapping sessions, wireframes, usability testing and final design, we will rely on the industry knowledge that you bring to the to the table to guide us along the way.

It is this way of working together with our clients that enables us to create effective experiences with intuitive interactions that complement the product or system they are designed for. We don’t just address the business needs or the user’s needs – we look for solutions that balance the needs of both.

A Collaborative & Adaptive Approach

We work closely with our development team throughout the project to ensure that we provide designs that are technically feasible while being aesthetically pleasing.

Whether you need fast-paced proof of concepts or large-scale product design programs, we meet you where you are by collaboratively designing solutions to reach goals and exceed your customer’s expectations.

Lunch and learn session about the importance of UX Design

Everything we do is focused on creating the best experience possible for your customers

Design Thinking

Our UX design team at i3 leverages Design Thinking to tackle big, complicated or even largely unknown problems in product development. Using design thinking helps keep your users at the heart of the product development process and aims for practical and logical innovation as we focus what can be done to meet their needs.

Graphic showing the stages of the Design Thinking process (Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test)

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