Testing & Quality Assurance

The Importance of R&D Product Testing

As a new product concept enters into research and development (R&D), i3 is focused on the critical timeline to reach your goal of production and commercialization as efficiently as possible.  It can not be overstated the importance of thorough testing to mitigate risk. It is during this period that defining a test strategy ensures that down the line, your product will pass agency testing and industry regulatory requirements. Future decisions and performance evaluations also depend on the context of the strategy.

At i3, we develop complete testing strategies and test fixtures for risk mitigation and design validation that fit your needs and context. Our mission is to prepare your product to pass any external durability or agency assessment to transition smoothly into production manufacturing according to your timeline.

Male engineer checking data on a laptop during a test
Engineer assembling an electronics test fixture

Delivering Actionable Insights For Your Product

As part of our design and development services process, i3 focuses on testing of electronic components and subsystems to ensure your product works as you intend it to. We perform comprehensive design verification tests on nearly every component, circuit, and sensor and have created a dedicated “Technology Lab” space within our prototype shop with all the instruments our engineers need to thoroughly evaluate your product. We work closely with you to establish an appropriate level of testing, validation, and reporting for each individual product designed.

We have the knowledge and the space to build automated test fixtures for a variety of testing methods and record parameters specific to your needs. We deliver more than just the testing data — we analyze the results and provide you with meaningful conclusions. With i3, we instill confidence about the accuracy & reliability claims you stake and help you make decisions about your product’s future.

Give your Users Software They Can Depend On

Well-tested code saves you more than just dollars in the development cycle. It’s a force to eliminate frustrated end users, swamped technical support teams and one-star app reviews.

Our Software Quality Assurance (SQA) roles at i3 come in a variety of forms, from manual testers to explore all the ways an end user might break the flow of your application, to writing automated tests that detect issues down to every microservice and API integration.

At i3, we help you develop a QA program and follow its procedures throughout the software development cycle in order to prevent product defects before they go to production. Our SQA specialists have an in-depth knowledge of testing environments, bug tracking tools and Agile development and will advocate for the prioritization of bug fixes to deliver the biggest benefit as your product moves towards launch.
Software Developer performing QA test

Testing like your product's life depends on it