Embedded Software & Firmware Development

Graphic of PCB board component

Knowing the Needs of the Code to Make the Capabilities Happen

i3’s embedded software and firmware engineers have experience building complex systems for IoT and cloud applications, medical devices, as well as consumer and industrial electronics. We’ll guide you through the development stages and deliver a complete hardware engineering and embedded software solution to bring your product to market.
graphic of code on an electric board with 1s and 0s behind it.

Custom Firmware and Embedded Software Solutions

Attention to the details is what we do, from ensuring a seamless user interface to squeezing out the last microamp of a low power design. We are comfortable working on embedded linux, Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS), down to bare metal – our team will architect the firmware to fit the needs of the hardware and application.

How your device connects has a significant impact on the user experience. Our team is familiar with the numerous protocols and methods for connecting products across industries and technologies and works collaboratively with our in-house software developers to ensure a seamless end to end solution.

i3 is the latest example of a flywheel acquisition that will complement our existing internal engineering teams across all our operating companies.

We Know Embedded Software and
Firmware for Electrified Products

i3 is ready to tackle the embedded programming needs of your next product.

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Showcase of REAP Harvest Inventory platform on a phone, tablet and laptop

Scale-Tec REAP Harvest Inventory

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Scale-Tec POINT Scale Indicator