Electrification in product development is moving fast. Our multidisciplinary team at i3 can support you at any stage of your electrification journey. We accelerate your drive through practical design strategies and enabling technologies for electrified products.

Your End-to-End Resource
for Electrification and Product Design

Our in-house design and engineering teams are equipped to get your electric product up and running with expertise in motor and battery selection to fabrication & validation testing.  Whether you need basic component selection guidance or a complete system overhaul, you can trust i3 to keep pace in the race to product electrification. 

Close of detail view of copper winding around coil for an electric engine

Expert Guidance During System Integration of Electric Products

Bring us your gas-powered device and we can tell you what is needed to transform it to run on electric-power.  We evaluate your existing product and can recommend the proper components for critical parts such as motors, batteries, and sensors. 

You’ll find i3 to be a guiding partner in every project we embark upon. We can also act as resource boost to help your internal teams get across the finish line for the electrified design of your own making. 

Complete Electric Subsystem Design and New Product Development Capabilities

If you have a vision to develop a completely new electric product, we can make that vision a reality. Our electrical engineers know how to design motor controls, chargers, battery management systems, supervisory circuits and everything else needed to bring electric power to modern products. And because we work alongside your business experts and our own internal design teams, you can also be sure that your customers will find them appealing and intuitive to use.

Team of engineers looking at an electric motor during development
electrification illustration

Electrified and IoT-Enabled

Our expertise in developing products for the Internet of Things (IoT) means that it’s possible for your electric-powered device to talk to the cloud and transmit infinite valuable data points. Design, engineering, and development capabilities are all from a single partner here in the midwest rather than outsourcing to multiple firms when you entrust your electric game-changer to i3 Product Development.

Supporting Your Next Electrification Innovation



Design and Engineering


Opportunities for an Electrified Future

The global movement towards renewable energy sources means that the electrification of technologies that have traditionally relied on fossil fuels for power is more than just a trend, it’s a way to secure a profitable and enduring future for your business. Take a look some of the ways electrified product development is shaping the world of tomorrow.

Noise & Vibration Reduction

Improving the health of those subjected to noise on a daily basis comes from the reduced noise & vibration levels in electrified engines.

Environmental Sustainability

Electrification is the pathway to a zero-carbon world. Expert consensus increasing agrees that decarbonization requires electrification.

New Design

From control systems to data collection, electrification opens the door to new and innovative ways to design your product.  

Global Resource Investment

Investment on a global scale means revolutionary advances in battery and electric-enabling technologies. 

Maintenance Needs

Electric-powered products are generally simpler and require less maintenance than their gas-powered counterparts.

Regulatory Compliance

Be better positioned in the market for government legislation and regulatory shifts with electrified products.

Ready to Plug In to the Power of Electrification?