Industrial Design

Bringing Aesthetics, Usability, Manufacturability, and Functionality Together in One Package

Ensuring your product stands out in the market is no easy task. Ergonomics, brand identity, materials, assembling processes, manufacturing requirements and more all play a critical role in delivering a valuable, tangible experience for your users. Our capable team is here to help you make the decisions that count when it comes to your product’s industrial design needs.

Smiling industrial designer at work
Man shows user studies and form mockups

Keeping the User at the Center of Our Process

Our team has adopted a user-centered approach that keeps us curious about your customer’s needs. How is the product going to be used? What is the environmental context? How does it feel in the hand or on the body? Is it intuitive? These are all the answers we seek to understand in order to create a unique solution.

We research, brainstorm, ideate and refine concepts with you to discover opportunities to set your product apart. Our Industrial Designers strive to not only provide the solution you ask for, but to exceed expectations and uncover unique features to add IP to your new product and propel you to be market leaders.

Delivering Innovative Design & Engineering Precision

From the beginning, our industrial design team works closely with our mechanical and electrical engineers to be sure we are developing solutions that are suitable for manufacturing. However, we don’t let this stop us from pushing boundaries and being innovative and creative. We seek out fresh ideas and will guide you during the development process and into deployment for production, giving you the peace of mind and all the materials necessary to have a successful market launch.
A project manager discusses ideas with a Mechanical Engineer while looking at his screen

Product design for the real world

Check out our work in Industrial Design

Master Appliance Proheat Series Heat Gun

Shelby Destroyer rendering shown in front of mobile app

H.P. Shelby Destroyer

POINT Scale Indicator shown on transparent background

Scale-Tec POINT Scale Indicator

Rendering of two cycling chainrings on a transparent background

PowerTap C1 Chainring Power Meter