Master Appliance Proheat Series Heat Gun

The Proheat Series professional heat gun is designed to be comfortable for long-term hand-held use in industrial environments.

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For over 60 years, Master Appliance has been serving the needs of Industrial, Commercial, Contractor, Electronics, Electrical Assembly, and Automotive industries worldwide with their robust line of heat and butane tools. For their Proheat Professional Series redesign, Master Appliance teamed up with i3 to envision a market differentiator and incorporate customer requested features with improved serviceability. 


Master Appliance

Project Type

Industrial, Physical

Design Challenge

A Heat Gun that can Stand Up & Stand Out

Known as a brand dedicated to continuous product improvement, Master Appliance wanted to introduce a rugged and distinct heat gun line that would stand out in the industrial market from it’s other product lines.

The ProHeat redesign aimed to provide unique features tailored to the needs of distributors and OEMs and that could be easily repaired on-site by their end users.

Colored sketch of a concept for the Master heat gun
Hand holding prototype of pro heat gun tool, back side view
Hand holding unpainted prototype of pro heat gun tool

Putting comfort and control in the hands of the user

These heat guns are designed to be comfortable for long-term hand-held use in industrial environments. Ergonomics and weight placement are crucial to any successful handheld tool.  i3’s design and engineering team studied the market to view competitive heat gun models and handheld products in other industries and delivered designs that resulted in a lightweight, compact, well balanced housing.

To meet serviceability needs of end users, the power cord in the Proheat lineup has been engineered to quickly swap out a replacement in the event of damage or malfunction. The user simply unplugs the damaged cord and plugs in a new cord. This change alone has resulted in huge savings in shipping costs and replacement parts for Master’s distributors and network of service providers. Combined with other enhancements such as a streamlined heating element and variety of options for user interface controls, power settings, and surface temperature sensing capabilities, the heat guns of the Proheat Professional Series delivers on:

  • Lower assembly cost
  • Faster assembly rate
  • Field serviceable components
  • Product differentiation
  • User application needs

Welcome to the Master Appliance family

The design, engineering, and marketings teams between i3 and Master Appliance worked collaboratively to ensure that not only were the customer’s needs being met during this project, but that the design aligned with their standards and manufacturing processes along the way. 

i3 Product Development brought thee unique models to life for the Proheat Series. Each individual product utilized as many common components as possible to reduce part count and tooling costs. Though each Proheat professional heat gun has its own particular set of benefits, they can all be used in a variety of industrial applications. 

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