Internet of Things

As a full-stack IoT Development company, we’re here to help you build smart Internet of Things solutions that add real value to using cloud technology, mobile apps, firmware, and sensors.

Custom IoT Solutions for Startups and Enterprises

Your software and connected devices should be considered with interaction in mind. Our engineering team provides services from product architecture and user experience testing to ongoing IoT development services. Our solutions always incorporate security, cost control, and long-term maintenance and support from the start.  At our dedicated IoT Lab, our in-house software and electronics specialists create human-centered products with technology-enabled capability.

Services to Support Your Next IoT Product

Team members collaborating during an IoT learning session

Design & Engineering

Our design team taps into strategic research, IoT technology, user experiences, and talent to develop ideas into feasible manufacturable product solutions with intuitive functionality and aesthetics that align with your specific branding needs.

Connected Hardware & Firmware Development

Electronics are the heartbeat of modern product solutions. Our team assists you in developing stand-alone and connected product strategies that provide the greatest value proposition to your customers and their business.
Close up of electronics engineer holding board and taking measurements
Software developer at his desk

Software Development

i3 has in-house resources to design and develop complex, technically challenging, and revolutionary software applications. We work closely with you to ensure that the software efficiently solves real business problems.


Our prototyping capabilities can save you time and money and get your product to market faster. Whether it’s an aesthetic model, a basic mobile app, an evaluation of a Bluetooth module, or multiple units for field-testing, we can help.
i3 team reaches out to touch 3D printed prototype on a table

Industries We Work With


We develop IoT applications to help monitor equipment and assist in preventive maintenance.
  • Fluid monitoring
  • Machine reliability tracking
  • Remote diagnostics


We build telehealth and remote patient monitoring applications to reduce costs for health systems.
  • Remote patient monitoring
  • HRS integrations
  • Medication usage tracking

Commercial Equipment

We monitor commercial equipment with IoT technology to track proper usage and prevent downtime.
  • Cooking & food service
  • Snow removal
  • HVAC management


We help the construction and mining industries by adding security and increased uptime with the use of IoT technologies.
  • Automated fluid sampling
  • Digital security apps
  • Performance optimizations


We build IoT solutions that make farmers more efficient and increase productivity.
  • Harvest management
  • Feed management
  • Livestock tracking

Consumer Goods

We build IoT applications for smart homes and workplaces, adding convenience to our busy lifestyles.
  • Connected appliances
  • Smart lighting systems
  • Athletic performance trackers

Our Technology Experience with IoT


AWS logo
Amazon Web Service
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Microsoft Azure
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Google Cloud


  • Bluetooth
  • Wi-Fi
  • Cellular
  • ZigBee
  • Z-Wave
  • NFC
  • RFID
  • LoRa

Hardware & Sensors

  • Silicon Labs
  • STMicroelectronics
  • Nordic
  • Cypress
  • Telit
  • Espressif

Partners for Your Continued Success

Two men from i3 Product Development talking to a man at a tradeshow event


i3 has partnered with Mectronx to build out a business specialized in rapid prototyping and manufacturing of electrical assemblies. Mectronix’s familiarity with IoT hardware and component sourcing makes them the perfect partner for your IoT product.


Cygnus’ mission is to ensure the success of new IoT products by providing those manufacturers with a best-in-class suite of tools for proper post-launch support and customer experience. i3’s tight partnership with Cygnus has ensured the success of i3’s clients during and after development.
Mobile devices showing remote support session in progress


We have had in-house software and electronics development services since 2015. Since i3 Product Development introduced these services, the focus has always been on connected products and IoT development. 

In one way or another, every member of the i3 team is involved with our IoT design and development projects.  Visit our teams page to learn more.

The IoT Lab facility is home to our IoT Team of designers and engineers that specialize in connected solutions, wireless technology, software development, and electronics design.

Let's Bring Your IoT Vision to Life