Avid S1 Sound Mixer

Compact controller surface that offers in-depth capabilities for professional audio and video editing.

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Avid sound mixer on transparent background with graphic pattern
Avid’s powerful tools and innovative technology are essential in any media enterprise. Their top of the line platform has helped to create award winning films, television shows, news broadcasts and live concerts.

The S1 takes on the challenge of delivering exceptional quality in a smaller space. Riding on the success of their popular S3 system a few steps further is the S1, Avid’s most diminutive hardware mixing system yet.

In partnership with NEOTech, i3 had the opportunity to be a part of the ambitious S1 refresh project. Our work consisted of reducing the footprint, giving the aesthetics a refresh and providing a design solution that was manufacturable and easy to assemble.


Avid Technology

Project Type

Consumer, Physical

Design Challenge

Getting into the Groove

Avid’s S1 was born from the desire to create a modular system that can easily grow with the users needs and requirements. The goal of the S1 was to deliver the unparalleled speed, rich visual feedback, and software integration of Avid’s high-end consoles in a slimline surface. A surface that could fit into any space, and budget. We needed to allow the S1 to fit easily between a display and keyboard and seamlessly accept a variety of tablet sizes.

The company also wanted to retain existing metering and processing views that longtime users of their products would recognize while offering a straightforward board that would be approachable to newcomers in the industry.


PUTTING Ourselves IN the Mix

Using our proven product development process, the i3 team worked with Avid to create the ultimate, compact solution that was visually appealing and ties in to their current surface family. We used a variety of our design and engineering tools to develop a product with optimized performance and manufacturability. Along the way, our teams leveraged our capabilities as we went from concept to tactile prototype including:

  • Industrial Design
  • Ergonomics
  • DFMA
  • FEA Analysis
  • 3D Printing
  • Painting and Cast Urethane
Engineer programming S1 board
designer working on Avid S1 prototype

Create a Masterpiece

The S1 is designed to be used in partnership with an iPad or Android tablet running the free Avid Control app, as well as in conjunction with the separate EuControl app. There is a ledge on the bridge of the S1 in which to slot your tablet, and aesthetically they go together well. The S1 can be operated without a tablet – you can work effectively using a traditional monitor-and-mouse setup – but the two make a phenomenal team.  

The above is an excerpt from a review of the S1 by MusicTech in June 2020. Read the full article here.

This unit packs a lot of mixing power into its small surface. From motorized faders and knobs that respond to your touch, to fast-access touchscreen workflows and Soft Keys that enable you to perform complex tasks with a single press, S1 provides the speed and versatility to accelerate any music, audio post, or video project.  

 With the new compact and streamlined design, the modular S1 system can expand the surface depending on the user’s needs, connecting up to four units side by side.


Man using S1 mixer during a music recording session

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