Legacy Manufacturing SwivelGrip™

A garden hose with a hassle-free ergonomic grip and signature company brand appeal.

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Close up of Flexzilla garden hose

Legacy Manufacturing designs and manufactures innovative hoses, tools and equipment for professional and consumer use.  Their Flexzilla® line was originally created in response to customer demand for an air hose with flexibility in subzero temperatures. Today, that demand has expanded to include water hoses, power cords, lubrication products and workwear. 


Legacy Manufacturing

Project Type

Consumer, Physical

Design Challenge

A Refreshing Take

Legacy Manufacturing approached i3 to refresh Flexzilla’s SwivelGrip™ garden hose grip which allows the hose to uncoil easily providing a hassle-free yard work experience for the user. The goal was to update the appearance, enhance the ergonomics and to include a soft grip material while maintaining the Flexzilla color palette.

Multiple initial garden hose sketches
Early design concepts of ergonomic grip and branding placement options

Keeping Comfort In Mind

Our client wanted to make sure that the user was put at the center of this product. Therefore, proposed design solutions were required to communicate the rotational element of the SwivelGrip™ brand. i3 developed ergonomic prototypes of the top three designs.  These were then tested with user groups followed by several iterations of the final design direction to ensure the ultimate comfort grip.


Powerful Performance

The large grip allows the user to leverage the power of their entire hand to grip and is comfortable in both hands. The grip is then duplicated on the connection-end, giving the user an adequate grip to connect to the spigot and eliminates any pinching or water leaks like conventional hoses.

Product shot of flexzilla grip on white background

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