Natus Quantum Amplifier

A compact LTM amplifier designed to meet the needs of today’s modern Epilepsy Monitoring Units and research centers.

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Rendering of Natus amplifier on transparent background

Natus Medical Incorporated (Natus) offers medical equipment, software, supplies and services for the diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of impairments and disorders affecting the brain, neural pathways, and eight sensory nervous systems.



Project Type


Design Challenge

An evolving Industry

As epilepsy research centers have grown in sophistication, so too has their need for more advanced equipment. Natus understood that in order to create a best-in-class amplifier, it was crucial to incorporate the needs of doctors and technicians while maintaining a strong focus on the patient experience.


Rethinking The possibilities

A ground-up platform design was necessary to allow for an efficient test setup that also provided patients with a level of personal freedom and normalcy. Our team utilized our Prototyping and Engineering Analysis capabilities extensively to better understand how this device would perform in the real-world.  

  • Ergonomic Mockups
  • Drop-test Analysis
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Field-test prototypes

These ensured empathy for patients, and a durable, functional design for medical personnel.


A More Manageable System For All

The new amplifier configuration allowed for the transition from routine patient testing to long-term monitoring without the need to re-apply electrodes or large pieces of secondary equipment. The compact design can be comfortably worn on a belt or in a harness, allowing patients to complete their monitoring at home instead of in the hospital. A consumer-electronic inspired aesthetic aided in creating an experience that patients could embrace.

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