Healthcare Transformation: i3 Reflects on the HomECG 2.0+

HomECG+ plays a crucial role in bridging health disparities, serving rural, remote, and low-income populations. i3's contribution to Lohman has resulted in a product that directly transmits ECG data to providers, simplifying healthcare access.

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Breaking Boundaries in Remote Cardiac Monitoring

Embarking on an incredible journey with Lohman Technologies, i3 proudly celebrates the one-year anniversary of the HomECG 2.0+. Two years ago, Lohman Technologies, initially a team of four investors, engaged i3 as their dedicated new product development group, leveraging our expertise in software, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, design, and prototyping.

HomECG+ 2.0: Transforming Healthcare Access

Lohman unveiled HomECG+ 2.0 just over a year ago. The device is an FDA-cleared remote monitoring solution for AFib detection. Thanks to i3’s expertise, this handheld device seamlessly connects patients with healthcare providers. Eliminating smartphone complexities and utilizing cellular capabilities ensures swift integration into existing healthcare platforms.

Closing the Health Equity Gap

HomECG+ plays a crucial role in bridging health disparities and serving rural, remote, and economically disadvantaged populations. i3’s contribution to Lohman has resulted in a product that directly transmits ECG data to providers, simplifying healthcare access.

Building Devices with the End-User in Mind

Lohman collaborated with i3 to develop a cloud infrastructure facilitating seamless integration of ECG output data into existing EHR and RPM platforms, enabling rapid access to patient readings. This process empowers physicians to promptly interpret results and recommend necessary actions, notably benefiting high-risk patients. The HIPAA-compliant cloud employs top-tier security measures and features a user-friendly interface for basic device management. 

Additionally, the project involved comprehensive enhancements to the Lohman device, including ergonomic improvements, cost reduction measures, custom PCB layout, cellular and BLE connectivity integration, and the addition of an LCD screen for patient guidance. The device alerts patients in real time about potential cardiac events, facilitating timely medical intervention.  Additional contributions included cellular performance tuning, agency testing, manufacturing support, and the creation of a provisioning fixture for efficient device setup during assembly.

Revolutionizing Patient Care

Large health systems like the Memorial Health System in Florida are embracing HomECG+ for its simplicity and effectiveness. Dr. Robert L. Baker highlights its value as a precursor to wearables or interventions, emphasizing its quick and user-friendly operation.

About Lohman Technologies

Lohman stands at the forefront of remote cardiac monitoring. The patented HomECG+ solution, eliminating the need for smartphones or Wi-Fi, connects patients and providers seamlessly. For details on how this partnership is revolutionizing healthcare, visit


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