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Exploded view of scale device




Collecting data has become very important in the agriculture industry. Scale-Tec, an agriculture scale company, sees this importance and reached out to our i3 team to develop a rugged, innovative scale system that is highly adaptable with endless capabilities. A system that can be simply used as a scale display or by taking advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT) cloud services, fully expanding its features by wirelessly communicating with your smart device.


The i3 team went through extensive field and environmental testing to ensure the display would meet up to the farmer’s high standards and expectation when it comes to investing in farm equipment. Apps were developed in both iOS and Android platforms allowing multiple users to observe and edit data in real-time.

Rendering of POINT rugged scale display


POINT was designed and built with power and durability in mind. Its modular design is easily adaptable to any system with different connector configurations, smart settings and a mobile app.