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showcase of the diversity of Mobile Electronics Control user interface


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The challenge for OEM display providers is producing a product that satisfies the needs of Agriculture, Construction, Military, Railroad and Transportation industries. i3 was approached to design a display and user interface that could be sold to each of these market-segments while reducing the overhead of custom development.



In order to make this product a success, a new approach to the user interface was required. i3 developed a UI more representative of a smart-phone experience than traditional aftermarket displays. Navigation layers were eliminated in favor of an overlay system that kept users within a single ‘click’ of returning to their primary screen.


display on white background


A new art direction was applied to the user interface that complimented its dynamic nature. Additionally, common artifacts were developed to limit the amount of customization necessary for each customer.

An IP67-rated display housing was developed in parallel to the user interface, creating a holistic product package that would meet the extreme moisture, vibration and temperature demands of the various markets referenced above.