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The Internet of Things (IoT) is proving to be a differentiator for organizations – helping them compete against new competitors, uncover additional revenue opportunities, and reimagine their customer experiences. Leveraging IoT technology in combination with 20+ years of product development experience, we build custom platforms, business applications, and end-to-end solutions for our growing list of clients.


Solid IoT Solutions

IoT Services

Transitioning to IoT solutions can be a daunting – yet necessary endeavor. Companies that don’t make the transition will likely experience a deep market erosion for their products.

Our engineers and designers build and deploy IoT solutions based on a clear, upfront process that includes usability research, user design testing and technical research and development. Once the planning is complete, we move ahead with building the solution to fit those needs definitions.


Cloud Infrastructure

Our IoT development teams leverage the latest cloud-based services to build custom platforms, applications, and solutions. This results in robust, cost-efficient IoT solutions that feature intelligently connected devices, sensors, services, and networks.

  • IoT Infrastructure Services – Amazon IoT, Azure IoT Suite
  • IoT Hub Technologies – Amazon Greengrass, Azure IoT Edge
  • User Management – Amazon Cognito, Azure Active Directory
  • Serverless Architecture – Amazon Lambda, Azure Functions
  • Data and Analytics Services – Amazon Kinesis, Azure Event Hubs


Voice Assistant Development

Voice SpeakerToday’s IoT devices not only need to provide control via mobile and/or web applications, but also offer voice control using personal digital assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomePod.

We can quickly and expertly design and implement assistant “skills” that provide the intuitive, user-friendly experience your customers expect.

Learn more about voice assistants



Embedded Software

Circuit board with signal dataIn addition to our other embedded solutions, Our electronics engineers and developers can implement wireless or wired connections for IoT integration including:

  • BLE, Bluetooth Classic
  • WiFi
  • LoRa
  • Z-Wave, Zigbee
  • Ethernet
  • Proprietary and legacy connectivity of any kind


IoT Monitoring Systems

Watchtower monitoring smart homes and connected devices

Most manufacturers that we see in the industry with existing IoT solutions don’t perform basic end-to-end monitoring of their systems.  

If you’re going to deploy a system, it's important to make sure it is working 24 / 7 / 365 just as any established e-commerce or web-based company would normally do.  If you don’t, you risk your brand and your customers’ trust.

  • Real-time device monitoring
  • Sensor stimulus combined with UI reaction testing
  • Real-time alerting and reporting
  • Hosted solutions or SaaS available